THINK TANK is a comedy series about a group of geniuses who work at "The Woodbine Foundation", a non-partisan think tank concerned with finding a solution to the world's biggest (and smallest) problems.
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Directed by:
Ira Rosensweig
Written by:
Jeff Galante
Executive Producers:
Jeff Galante
Chris Moore
Bob Roback
Ira Rosensweig
Josh Shader
Created by:
Jeff Galante
Ira Rosensweig
Josh Shader
(in alphabetical order)
Brit Parker:
Jeff Galante
Patrick Severe:
Ed Herbstman
Lawrence Dursey:
Isaiah Johnson
Sophie Duvendeck:
Natalie Knepp
Hannah Trouter:
Ashley Austin Morris
Margot Bass:
Elizabeth Stanley
Pierre Brimage:
Matt Walton
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